UPO Logo Usage

*Logo Usage Notes:

Use of the Utah Professional Organizers member logo on the internet and printed marketing materials adds credibility to your business. It is a sign of your commitment to abide by the Code of Ethics and conduct yourself and your business in a professional manner;

  • Active and Associate members in good standing may use the member logo to indicate their membership in UPO and/or their participation in a sponsored event. The logo should not be used to imply UPO’s endorsement of the user’s services or products;
  • The logo may not be altered in any way, with the exception of re-sizing the logo while maintaining its original proportions;
  • UPO reserves the right to prohibit use of the logo if it determines that a user’s logo usage, whether willful or negligent, is not in accordance with this policy, could discredit or tarnish UPO’s reputation and goodwill, or the user is not a member in good standing;

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