Marla Dee
About me
If you are ready for a change, I want to set you free of the clutter and chaos at last! In today’s world we are bombarded with information & stuff! So, there is clutter everywhere – on our phones & computers, desktops & countertops, bedrooms & basements, closets & cupboards… We crave being free of the clutter and fantasize about being organized but it feels impossible. Especially for those not born with the organizing gene! My passion is to change that. As a professional organizer for 22 years, I have seen the pain! This is why I created the the Clear & Simple Steps that teach where to start, what to do and how to keep it up. I believe that living organized is a skill anyone can learn. Why bother learning this skill? Because getting organized frees you to be present for what matters most. This step-by-step approach takes the struggle out of organizing and makes it easier! You will even get your organizing projects done. The focus in my business today is speaking and training. I share my years of client stories, their headaches and heartaches. I offer hope. I have trained groups and organizers from 9 countries. I also love sharing on TV, radio and podcast programs. As the author of “Get Organized, The Clear & SIMPLE Way", “The ART of Letting Go” and others, my passion is teaching people the SKILL! I would be honored to support you or your group on learning the easier way to get and stay organized!
Business Name
Clear and Simple, LLC
Business Overview
Since 1999, Clear & Simple has helped people get organized using the Clear & Simple Steps. We teach the steps of organizing since most people aren't born with the organizing gene and they don't know how. People deserve to learn an easier way. If you wanted to read books, you would start with learning the ABC's. By learning the organizing steps, our clients are empowered with all their organizing projects. We can help you through hands on help, virtual organizing, or speaking and training, all in the C&S Steps. We also train and certify professional organizers around the world giving them everything they need to launch or grow their organizing business. Our purpose is to empower our clients and organizers using the C&S Steps.
Services Offered
Business Organizing,Digital Organizing,Paper Management,Public Speaking,Time/Task Management,Virtual Organizing
Memberships & Associations
Current or Previous member of UPO Board
Counties Served
Salt Lake