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Kate@ClearSimple.com http://www.clearsimple.com Joined May 21, 2021
About me
Most people have some form of overwhelming clutter, and nothing’s more frustrating than trying to find something you KNOW you have but aren’t sure where. Kate has spent over 10 years as a professional organizing consultant and guide combining simple, yet potent systems with powerful tools to find a magical blend that supports and empowers people to create significant change. They go from feeling hopeless and in over their heads to inspired and ready to be their own organizing hero!
Business Name
Clear & Simple Way
Business Overview
Transform your home, office, & life from cluttered to organized. Our simple step-by-step method teaches you where to start, what to do, and how to keep it up.
Services Offered
Business Organizing  , Children/Students, Decluttering/Donations, Digital Organizing , Home Organizing , Minimalism, Office Organizing, Paper Management, Productivity/Time Management, Project/Event Support, Virtual Organizing
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Salt Lake