UPO 2017 Monthly Mtg Recordings

UPO January 2017 Joseph Cancilla, Idea8ion - Podio (Project Management Software) Tech Tools to Help Us Improve Our Productivity in Business

UPO February 2017 Mark Wayment - State Farm Insurance, Kathy Anderson and Heather Prothero - Soulence Tax and Wealth Advisors - Tax Savings and Insurance Basics for Your Business

UPO March 2017 Linda Hilton, Sorting Through - Working With End-of-Life Clients and Their Survivors

UPO April 2017 Meeting - Go Event Planning (No Audio)

UPO May 2017 Tina Falk, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner - The Feng Shui Compass - Creating a Space for Overall Success

UPO June 2017 Go Event Wrap-Up and NAPO Conference Sharing (No Audio)

UPO July 2017 Social (No Audio)

UPO August 2017 Karla Bartholomew, Salt Lake County Health Department - Health Department Recommendations for Professional Organizers

UPO September 2017 Pick Your Favorite Resource - Member Sharing

UPO October 2017 Ask the Organizer Panel (Deann Bolinder, Wendy Brown, Marla Dee, Ruth Hadlock, Donna Harper and Susan Schreiner)

UPO November 2017 Kordell Norton, Sales, Marketing and Leadership - Business Charisma - How to Make YOU and YOUR Business Magnetic to Customers

 UPO December 2017 Social (No Audio)