UPO 2016 Monthly Mtg Recordings

UPO January 2016 Terry Sidford- Courage to Be the Best Version of Yourself

UPO February 2016 Peter Brooks, Marketing and Advertising Expert - Does Your Marketing Stink?

UPO March 2016 Tina Falk, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner - Feng Shui - More Than Monkey Business

UPO April 2016 What's in your workbag?  What's your best tip from the field? (Member Sharing)

UPO May 2016 Get Organized (GO) Event

UPO June 2016 The Fundamentals of Being a Professional Organizer

UPO July 2016 Social (No Audio)

UPO August 2016 Shelly Coray - Master Your Mindset

UPO September 2016 Pick Your Favorite Podcast Or Audio Program (Member Sharing)

UPO October 2016 Advice from Seasoned Organizers (Marla Dee, Ruth Hadlock, Connie Smidebush)

UPO November 2017 Jeremy Hoffman, Lawyer - Contract Basics

UPO December 2017 Social (No Audio)