Meeting Schedule





WHEN: 2nd Friday of each month {except July}

TIME: 10:30 am - 12:45 pm. We also meet informally after the meetings for lunch.  You are welcome to join us!

PLACE: Whitmore Library, 2197 Fort Union Blvd, SLC  UT  84121



If you are not a member and would like to attend our meetings, the  first meeting is free!  Thereafter, a $15 per meeting charge will apply or you can join our group for only $70 a year! We have open enrollment to all who would like to join whether or not you are currently in business as an organizer.


Upcoming 2018 Programs


JAN 12

Branding Your Business

Amber Griffiths will be speaking about branding your business.

 FEB 9 Time to Shine! Make 2018 your best year ever. 

Presenter- Marla Dee, owner Clear & SIMPLE, Inc.

Having your own business can be exciting, overwhelming, challenging, joyful, and deeply meaningful. How do you say yes to this adventure, keep growing and also stay present? Whether this is your first year in business, your last or anywhere in between, you can make 2018 your very best year on all levels.

What would it look like and feel like to THRIVE? Come explore this with me as I share what has kept the joy and the success in my business for 18 years. I truly want every one of you to be a shining success!

You will leave with:

-Clarity on top five business goals and a system to make them happen.

-My top six secrets to strong success

-Inspiration to make this the best year ever for your business and yourself.

Marla Dee started Clear & Simple in April of 1999. She was one of Utah's first professional organizers. How has she made it all these years? How has she stayed in business and kept her enthusiasm and love for the work alive? How has she created financial success including products, training and speaking? Marla wants to share this so you can make your organizing business everything you dreamed of.

  MAR 9 Project Management

UPO Member Betsy Manos, owner of Orderly Innovations, will be speaking about Project Managment.

2017 Programs


 JAN 13

Technology Tools to Improve Productivity

Joseph Cancilla, CEO of Idea8ion, LLC, will be speaking about technology tools to boost productivity.

 FEB 10 Tax Savings & Insurance Basics for your Business

Kathryn Anderson, E.A. , President of Lone Peak Business Solutions, Inc. and Co-Founder of Soulence Tax and Wealth Advisors, and accountant Heather Prothero, will be speaking about Tax Savings for your business. Topics include: choosing the right structure for your business, commonly missed business deductions, and tax strategies for business.

Insurance Topics include: Overview of the different types of insurance and biggest insurance mistakes small businesses make.

  MAR 10 Working with End-of-Life Clients and Survivors

Linda Hilton, owner of Sorting Through, will be speaking about working with End-of-Life clients.  She will be discussing client mindsets, ideas for preserving a legacy, and the importance of money.

 APR 14 GO Event - Homes for the Homeless at Palmer Court

Please join us this month to learn details about the GO Event - Homes for the Homeless at Palmer Court - and find out how you can contribute. We need everyone's help to make this community service project a success!

 MAY 12 Please note, this month's meeting will be held at a different venue, as the library is unavailable.
Salt Lake County South Building, 2001 South State Street, Room S3010.
Feng Shui in Spaces and Design Elements Tina Falk is a certified Fen Shui Practicer and is a Red Ribbon Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She will be speaking about incorporating Feng Shui elements into spaces and design elements. Tina graduated from The Minneapolis College Of Art & Design and has been self-employed as a graphic designer for over 16 years.
  JUNE 9 GO Event Recap & Knowledge-Share from the NAPO Conference

Please join us this month as we recap the GO Event and review what we learned and how we helped organize Homes for the Homeless at Palmer Court.

Also, UPO members, Deann Bolinder and Michelle Powell, will be sharing some of the knowledge they gained while attending the annual NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) conference in April.

 AUG 11  Health Department Recommendations for Organizers

Our speaker this month is Karla Bartholomew from the Salt Lake County Health Department.  She will be addressing some of the health department policies and recommendations for items and situations organizers may come across when working in clients' homes.
 SEP 8  UPO Member Resource Sharing

Our September meeting has the best speakers available--US!
Listen to your favorite Podcast, read your favorite book, or tell us about your favorite website! Each member will have approx. 5 min. to discuss what they learned and why they like what they chose.
It's lots of fun and we always learn new things!
  OCT  13  Ask The Organizer Panel

Join us this month to learn from our most experienced organizers!  Several veteran UPO members will be sharing their expertise and answering our questions.  Come join us for this wonderful learning opportunity.
     NOV 10 Business Charisma - How to Make YOU and YOUR Business Magnetic to Customers

Kordell Norton, America's Charisma Consultant, will be speaking this month on Marketing.  Specifically,  (1) how to communicate your value to clients so the phone rings and you stop being a best-kept-secret with low cost/no cost marketing ideas, (2) how to read and understand body language in others, and yourself so you become more persuasive in inspiring, and (3) understand 3 future trends and learn skills that will allow you to be competitive in the future.
   DEC 8  Holiday Luncheon

Join us for our annual Holiday Luncheon - Members Only